Passerby helps shoplifting seagull make getaway after daring Co-op sandwich heist


The Great Train Robbery of 1963. The Hatton Garden burglary in 2015. Fascination always surrounds the biggest heists Britain has ever seen.

And now there may be another to add to the notorious list, after a seagull known as Gus carried out a daring raid on a branch of Co-op in Aberdeen – and even evaded an attempt to thwart the masterplan at the final hurdle.

Veberley Macdonald was waiting outside the shop when she spotted Gus, who already carries somewhat of a reputation, and began recording in anticipation of what was to come next.

The bystander watched on as Gus timed his entrance through the automatic doors to perfection, bolting straight for the display of packaged sandwiches.

Jumping up onto the shelf, the brazen seagull grabbed himself tuna sandwich and walked back towards the exit, only to find he wasn’t big enough to trigger the door’s sensor.

With the net seemingly closing in on Gus, a well-meaning passerby spotted the bird trapped in the shop and opened the door for him to make his getaway.

Just as Gus left clutching the tuna sandwich in his beak, another member of the public carrying a red brolly spotted the crime and made a desperate attempt to wrestle back his lunch.

But Gus hadn’t come this far to fail now, throwing her a side step and a quick wing flap to make it to safety, before laying the sandwich on the pavement to admire his haul.

Veberley posted the footage on Facebook, writing: “You’ll never believe who I ran into on the way to work this morning…MY BUDDY GUS!!!”

Other people came forward to claim they had also witnessed Gus’ crime sprees, as one person replied to the post to say: “I drove past him a few days ago and he had a sandwich.”

And another added: “God, sometimes I really do miss Aberdeen and how absolutely mental it is.”

It’s not the first time Gus has been caught on camera, but his heists appear to be escalating as Veberley said: “It seems to be every day that I see Gus, I see him most mornings or afternoons.

“At first it was crisps he was stealing now it’s sandwiches. I thought it was so funny at first, he seems quite clever.”