Brits’ favourite meat to buy from butcher is beef rump steak and braising steak


The nation’s favourite meat to buy from their butcher is beef rump steak followed by braising steak and a topside beef joint, a study has found.

People in London and Birmingham are most likely to purchase a rump steak, while Manchester residents opt for braising.

Those in Liverpool enjoy steak once a month, while people in Bristol enjoy two.

When it comes to pork, loin chops are most regularly bought (32 per cent) and for lamb its shank (26 per cent).

Beef, lamb and chicken were found to be the nation’s top three favourite meats, closely followed by pork.

The study of 2,000 Brits was commissioned by Meat Matters, a collaboration between Beef and Lamb New Zealand, Bord Bia, Danish Crown and Livestock and Meat Commission, Northern Ireland.

It found Brits have been cooking up a storm thanks to their butchers, with more than half having bought meat from a butcher during the previous lockdowns.

And 35 per cent have done so more often than usual.

A further 44 per cent have tried leaner cuts to their usual choice as a result of advice from their butcher, with those in Bristol having done this most (58 per cent) compared to other cities.

The survey also found the cuts of meat Brits can confidently cook include beef mince (67 per cent), pork fillet (44 per cent) and lamb shoulder (41 per cent).

Yet 29 per cent have sought advice from their butcher on how to cook various cuts of meat, while 25 per cent have been advised on which pieces are the leanest.

And the cuts people believe are the leanest and healthiest include beef mince (37 per cent), pork medallion (37 per cent) and pork loin steak (31 per cent).

Almost two in five would consider asking their butcher to provide lean cuts of meat and 35 per cent have done so in the past.

Dr Gill Jenkins, working with Meat Matters, said: “This survey has shown the nation enjoys red meat, with 87 per cent stating that red meat is important to their overall diet.

“Lean red meat can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

“A varied and balanced diet and following a healthy lifestyle is an important part of maintaining good health.

“Red meat such as beef, pork and lamb provide a range of nutrients that contribute to good health.

“For example, beef, pork and lamb contains vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in foods of plant origin.

“Vitamin B12 helps our immune system to work as it should and can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.”

The survey also found more than half believe lean red meat contributes to a healthy, balanced diet however, more than two thirds (66 per cent) of the nation do not realise that beef, lamb and pork all contain vitamin B12.

And a further 57 percent of Brits did not realise red meat provides iron.

Residents of Edinburgh (43 per cent), London (40 per cent) and Newcastle (41 per cent) were most likely to visit butchers more often than they usually would have.

Among the cities where butchers are making a come-back were Cardiff, where 60 per cent of residents have purchased from a butcher during lockdown, Liverpool (57 per cent) and Manchester (57 per cent).

Dr Gill Jenkins added: “Red meat like beef contains haem iron.

“Haem iron is more readily absorbed in the body than the non-haem iron found in plant foods.

“Including a variety of iron-rich foods, as part of a balanced diet will help ensure you get enough iron and other essential nutrients needed for good health.”

The most popular cuts of meat to purchase from a butcher

Beef rump steak
Braising steak
Topside beef joint
Pork loin chop
Silverside beef
Beef brisket
Lamb shank
Lamb shoulder
Lamb mince
Pork belly
Pork leg joint
Lamb chump chops
Pork loin medallion
Pork shoulder joint